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The Ohio Historical Society, in partnership with the Ohio Humanities Council and American Electric Power, sponsored development of Ohio & the Civil War: 150 Years Later, a special panel traveling exhibit produced for the 150th commemoration of the Civil War. This exhibition was developed especially for small institutions that typically do not have access to traveling exhibits because of space and cost limitations. We invite applications from historical societies and museums, libraries, educational institutions, community organizations or other groups with the requisite resources for hosting the exhibit.

Ohio Civil War 150 Traveling Exhibit on display at American Electric Power.

The traveling exhibit explores Ohio’s participation in the war and focuses especially on individuals’ choices that impacted local communities and the course of the war. Three themes-Democracy, Transformation, and Memory-are used to reveal Civil War stories that impacted Ohio in the 19th century to the present day. Through the lens of these themes, the exhibit explores topics such as civil rights, political dissent, pacifism, religion, and popular culture and reveals patterns in our country’s response to such topics throughout history.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, however, applications will be reviewed soon after the following dates:

1st Round of Selections: Deadline is June 30, 2011
2nd Round of Selections: Deadline is October 14, 2011
3rd Round of Selections: Deadline is January 13, 2012
Future selection dates TBA

Application to Host the Ohio Civil War 150 Exhibit



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