Bethel Church/Cemetery Memorial Day Commemoration

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Bethel Church/Cemetery Memorial Day Commemoration


Cemeteries--Ohio--Guernsey County


These are photographs from the Beth Church and Cemetery Memorial Day Commemoration. This small cemetery was started in 1836, with the church being built soon after. Members of the church community began commemorating Memorial Day at Bethel Church in the late 19th century. The church has not been active since the 1950s, but the Memorial Day commemoration continues every year. They have a small service in the church, a walk through the cemetery to lay flowers on the graves and a picnic afterwards.


Aaron Booth, Photographer


Aaron Booth


Memorial Day Weekend, 2011


Aaron Booth


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Cumberland (Ohio), Guernsey County (Ohio)

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Aaron Booth, Photographer, "Bethel Church/Cemetery Memorial Day Commemoration," in Ohio Civil War 150 | Collections & Exhibits, Item #1987, (accessed January 17, 2019).

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