Mrs. Oran Follett Letter to John B. Wilbor

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Mrs. Oran Follett Letter to John B. Wilbor


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Mr. And Mrs. Oran Follett were prominent members of the Sandusky community during the 19th century. Mrs. Follett took an active role in supporting the troops stationed on Johnson's Island during the Civil War. In this letter, she is asking Mr. John B. Wilbor of Huron for a contribution in order to make Thanksgiving dinner for the soldiers' families. The letter is 6" x 10" (16 x 25 cm). This item is part of an extensive collection at the Sandusky Library/ Follett House Museum. Photographs, letters, artifacts, and secondary source materials are part of the collection. A selection of photographs, letters, and other materials are digitized for Ohio Memory. Johnson's Island, the site of a Civil War prison camp, is located in Sandusky Bay. Lt. Col. William Hoffman leased the island from Leonard B. Johnson in 1861 for use as a prison camp for Confederate prisoners. Due to the abundant natural resources on the island, the conditions were not as harsh as those in many Southern prison camps. Prisoners did suffer from disease, poor nutrition, and exposure to harsh Lake Erie winters. Created to hold Confederate officers, the prison housed about 3, 000 prisoners by the end of the war.


Mrs. Oran Follett


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November 11, 1864


Nick Kelly


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Sandusky (Ohio)

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[Letter of Mrs. Oran Follett to John Wilbor November 11, 1864]
Sandusky Nov. 11
Mr. Wilbor,
Dr. Sir, You will see by the
Register that we are making an effort to
provide a Thanksgiving dinner for our Soldiers'
families, and we do most earnestly beg of
you to interest your neighbors in contributing
to this noble object. I have seen the
Express Agent and he will deliver anything
free of charge and any jug, bag or
article sent, if masked, shall be returned
with care. Anything will be acceptable-
Beans and saltpork to cook with them.
Sorghum syrup for the children to eat on
their bread. apple butter, meat, vegetables
apples & etc Please have your
minister present the subject to his people
next Sabbath. The articles may be sent to the Custom House during Tuesday
or by Wednesday noon. If too late for that
send them on.
Mrs O. Follett

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Mrs. Oran Follett, "Mrs. Oran Follett Letter to John B. Wilbor," in Ohio Civil War 150 | Collections & Exhibits, Item #1881, (accessed April 30, 2017).

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