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This photograph depicts the soldiers' barracks at Johnson's Island, with members of Hoffman's Battalion, the volunteer unit assigned to guard the Confederate prisoners, in the foreground. Johnson's Island, the site of a Civil War prison camp, is…

A photo of the Bronze Monument to Confederate Soldiers at the Confederate Cemetery on Johnson's Island. Dedicated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1910.

A postcard of the Powder & Block House on Johnson's Island that was sent from Confederate prisoners back to friends and family.

Letter from Joseph E. Ratliff, Confederate prisoner on Johnson's Island, 6 February 1864

Contributor Note: "A ring made by a Confederate prisoner held at Johnson's Island. They were able to send these home as presents or sell them to the guards."

This is an artist's rendition of the gates at the Confederate Military Prison in Andersonville, Georgia.

National colors of the Ex-Prisoners of War. Rectangular flag measures 146 cm high by 182 cm wide. Text on flag reads: Andersonville, Libby, Belle Isle, Florence, Salisbury, Danville, Millen, Charleston, Macon, Columbia, Castle Thunder, Savannah,…