The Advisory Committee

In response to Gov. Ted Strickland’s directive [PDF] to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War in Ohio (2011-2015), the Ohio Historical Society has appointed 18 Ohioans to the Civil War 150 Advisory Committee.

Made up of individuals from around the state, the committee will provide guidance to the historical society on programs and activities to ensure a successful commemoration effort at both the state and local levels.   Meeting will run quarterly, and members will serve until the end of 2015.

Ohio Civil War 150 Advisory Committee [PDF]

The Interpretive Framework

In October 2009, a group of scholars and Ohio Civil War 150 staff convened to begin answering the question: What is Ohio’s Civil War story when viewed through a fresh perspective today?

The results of that day’s work and the subsequent thinking and writing of that group is available in the form of a downloadable Interpretive Framework [PDF].   For those that would like to engage in a more in-depth reading and discussion, the themes of the document are broken down into a special forum on this website.   Ohio Civil War 150 is a project that will evolve over the course of time and we welcome your feedback.

The Partnerships

Ohio Civil War 150  © is a project of the Ohio Historical Society, in collaboration with the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at the Cleveland State University Department of History.   Much of the archival content derives from collections at OhioMemory.org, a repository maintained jointly by OHS and the State Library of Ohio.

The Project Team

  • Jackie Barton, Director of Education & Outreach (OHS)
  • Kristina Kuehling, Program Coordinator (OHS)
  • Erin Bell, Site Design and Technical Consulting (CPHDH)
  • Peebles Creative Group, Logo Design

Contact the project team by sending an e-mail to civilwar150@ohiohistory.org or calling 614-297-2342.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Oberlin College Archives for the use of the Scott Family Photo in the web banner (3rd from the left).