Unknown But Not Forgotten, No. 5

By cmccune, posted on August 18th, 2011.
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Our latest featured photograph of an unidentified Civil War soldier was recently found and cataloged in the Ohio Historical Society’s collections.

Photograph of an Unidentified Union Officer

This photograph features an officer with a rather impressive beard. Based on the gentleman’s jacket and shoulder marks, we are fairly certain that he was an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War. However, we can not see the shoulder marks clearly enough to determine his rank. Based on what is visible, we think it is quite possible that he was a colonel or general. Assuming that he was from Ohio, that does not help us to narrow his possible identity by much as there were hundreds of Union Army generals and colonels from Ohio.

We have compared this photograph to those of a some high ranking Ohio officers who became prominent in Ohio and national politics after the Civil War, but so far this  exercise  has only produced a list of people whom we believe the photograph is not.

We welcome your comments and questions below.

Do you have a photograph of an unidentified soldier or civilian from the war? Are you unsure if your photo dates back to the Civil War? Send it in to civilwar150@ohiohistory.org and we’ll post it on the website!

This post was originally written   by  L. Wood, Curator for Visual Resources at the Ohio Historical Society, for the Ohio Historical Society’s Collections Blog.  

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  1. Portrait shows Colonel John T Toland, 34th Oho (1st Piatt’s Zouaves) who fell in battle at Wytheville, Va, July 18, 1863.