Mt. Pleasant: “A Path to Freedom Tour”

By cmccune, posted on July 1st, 2011.
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August 6, 2011
10:00 amto4:00 pm
August 7, 2011
1:00 pmto5:00 pm

The Historical Society of Mount   Pleasant, Ohio is preparing for it’s annual  Pilgrimage.   In conjunction with the 150th anniversary   of the Civil War, the event this year will be A Path to Freedom Tour. Recalling the Civil War, we need to think beyond the actually years of the conflict. The drive to abolish slavery and the Underground Railroad were prominent in this tiny village during the years leading up to the Civil War. Focusing on its National Historic District of the Underground Railroad, the village will share it’s role in this era of history.

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Quaker Yearly Meeting House OHS State Memorial, built 1814. The HSMP sites include   the Harris-Bone Store Log Cabin, 1804, and living quarters 1835, the Historical Center, 1856, the Tin Shop, 1840, the Burriss Store and Gift Shop, 1895, and the John Gill House, 1835 a.k.a. The Elizabeth House Mansion. Additional privately owned areas will also be accessible. Maps will be provided with the purchase of your tickets.

Other activities will include a quilt show and Civil War display and presentation. A light lunch   will be available at the Elizabeth House Tea Room, as well as area restaurants.   Tickets may be purchased on the tour dates at the Burriss Store, 311 Union Street, Mount Pleasant, Ohio 43939.

Sponsor: Historical Society of Mount Pleasant, Ohio

Location: Union Street, State Route 150, Mount Pleasant, Ohio 43939

For more informaton, please visit the Mount Pleasant Historical Society Facebook Page or call Sherry Sawchuk at 1-800-752-2631.

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