The 150th anniversary of the American Civil War is upon us. The Civil War sesquicentennial (2011-2015) provides a fresh opportunity for a new generation to rediscover the many ways in which Ohioans played a key role in the war and in which the war – “this mighty scourge,” as Lincoln described it – changed life in Ohio.   The Civil War story in Ohio touches almost every community in the state, and this website is a place for those interested in its vast and fascinating history to come together around the anniversary of that time period.

  • Ohioans Come Together Through Green Lawn Cemetery Headstone Project

    Learn about the project one of our Ohio History Service Corps members took on this year...

    OTLA June 2012 077
  • Friends and Descendants of Johnson’s Island Civil War Prison Recognized by Civil War Trust

    Congratulations to Johnson's Island on receiving the Brian C. Pohanka Preservation of the Year Award!

    Civil War Trust president James Lighthizer presents the Brian C. Pohanka Preservation Organization of the Year Award to FDJI president Dr. David Bush.
  • Program To Digitize Personal Documents and Photos

    Learn how you can contribute to Ohio's Civil War story during the sesquicentennial...

  • Irish in the Civil War

    Exhibit explores how America's Irish responded to the war...